Iwata Compressors are grouped into three different levels of pressure output:

Low Pressure Output - with working pressures of 1-20 psi, these light-duty airbrush compressors are great for small projects that require low pressure spraying 

Low - Medium Pressure Output - at working pressures of 1-40 psi, these airbrush compressors are built for occasional use with general purpose spraying.

Low - High Pressure Output - with working pressures of 1-60 psi, these powerful airbrush compressors are versatile, hard working and can be used daily

Compressors - Iwata

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C-IW-MAXX - Iwata Maxx Jet compressor

Studio Series

£789.99 £865.00
Iwata Sprint Jet Starter Compressor Kit

Studio Series

£299.99 £388.94