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Auto Air Colors Discontinued

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  Auto Air Colors - discontinued 2021

2021 saw the end of the Auto Air Colors paint line, this line has been part of our range for almost 20 years.  First developed in 1998, to provide the Automotive Airbrush Artist with a high grade, water-based paint, that will flow equally well through both airbrush and spraygun.

Over its lifespan it has been continually developed and expanded, with the most recent addition being the candy2o aniline dyes.  These brought, ground breaking, paint technology to the acrylic water-based paint arena.

In 2008 Wicked Colors were introduced, these were the first truly multi-surface paint in our range, meaning they could be used as a high grade, Automotive paint but also, on more absorbent surfaces, such as fabric.

Each generation of Wicked Colors has become more and more versatile and it has therefore reached the point where it has out-performed, the last true Auto Air Colors formula.  This ultimately, has lead to the demise of the Auto Air Colors line.  Therefore, to make the paint choice more straightforward for our end user, but also to ensure the popular Auto Air colours are still available, all of the Auto Air Colors line have now been incorporated into Wicked Colors.  The few exceptions to this are the Sparklescents (which will also eventually be part of the Wicked Colors line) and candy2o.

As the properties of candy2o are unique to this line, it is now a brand in its own right, and will continue as such.

To find you favourite Auto Air Colors item within the newly expanded Wicked Colors line please follow the link below, or, above:


 Auto Air Colors to Wicked Colors Conversion Table>


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