SM Designs are the sole UK importer for Createx Airbrush Colors, Wicked Colors, Auto-Air Colors and Createx Illustration airbrush paints.

We carry over 15,000 bottles of airbrush paint ready for immediate delivery.

The airbrush paints we stock are all water-based and are suitable for any number of applications from fabric to metal.

Please check out the details of each of our paint lines to find which one is most suitable for your purpose.  

Airbrush Paint

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5204 AB Opaque Yellow


From £5.75
W052 Wicked Detail Yellow

Wicked Details

4261 AA Fluorescent Hot Yellow


From £10.19
5410 AB Fluorescent Sunburst


From £5.75
4232 AA Transparent Sun Gold


From £10.19
4231 AA Transparent Yellow


From £10.19
4350 AA Iridescent Brite Yellow

Pearls, Metallics & Iridescents

From £12.55
5052 Createx Illustration Yellow

Illustration Colors

From £6.66
5097 Illustration CMYK Yellow

Neutral Greys

From £6.67
5503 AB Iridescent Yellow


From £7.83