120ml AA Life Casting Starter Set

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Auto Air Colors Life Casting Starter Set

Set Contents - 120ml bottles:

1 x 4012-04 AA High Performance Reducer

1 x 6000-04 AutoBorne Sealer Transparent

1 x 6001-04 AutoBorne Sealer White

1 x 6002-04 AutoBorne Sealer Black

1 x 4332-04 Metallic SIlver

1 x 4333-04 Metallic Gold

1 x 4334-04 Metallic Bronze

1 x 4343-04 Metallic Platinum


Auto Air Colors Life Castings Starter Set - has everything the "Life Caster" needs to apply colour to your castings with the airbrush.  Change your items from plain plaster finish to completed cast metal effect in minutes.

We recommend use with Iwata HP-BCS Eclipse airbrush.

Other metallics are available and may be substituted upon request.

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