Ultimate Custom Class - (3 Day)

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Cl-Ultimatecust-bal (3 day Balancing Payt 25-27 Jun 18)   £299.00 (1 item available)

Cl-UltimateCust-Jul18 (Ultimate Custom Class - 23-25 Jul 2018)   £399.00 (7 items available)

CL-Utimatecust-dep-0718 (Ultimate Custom Class - DEPOSIT)   £100.00 (8 items available)
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Ulitmate Custom Class - (3 day) - £399.00

This course is aimed at taking you from an absolute beginner, through to being able to airbrush a 3D character.

For full details see: http://smdesigns.co.uk/one-day-beginner-airbrush-class

The Custom Painting days show how to achieve professional looking designs using several top customising techniques. And the best thing about it is...you don't have to be artistic! Whilst this is primarily an automotive class, all the techniques we teach apply to any nonporous surface I.E. wall murals, garage doors, fridges and kitchens, computers drum kits, guitars etc...

For full details: http://smdesigns.co.uk/two-day-custom-airbrush-painting-class

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