5015-02 Createx Illustration Lifeline Master Set

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5015 Createx Lifeline Master Set

Set Contents in 60ml bottles:

5016 Lifeline Light Olive Gold                     5021 Lifeline Deep Espresso             5026 Lifeline Natural

5017 Lifeline Olive Gold                               5022 Lifeline Fair Blush                       5027 Lifeline Deep Natural

5018 Lifeline Deep Olive Gold                    5023 Lifeline Blush                               5028 Lifeline Natural Lip

5019 Lifeline Light Espresso                     5024 Lifeline Deep Blush                    5029 Lifeline Intrinsic Shade

5020 Lifeline Espresso                               5025 Lifeline Light Natural                  5030 Lifeline Cool Tone

4012 HP Reducer                                         5092 Flexible Adhesion Promoter


Createx Illustration Bloodline
Bloodline are a special set of Illustration Colors which have muted, naturalistic hues. Bloodline are made with the same resin as Illustration Colors and share the same performance attributes. Bloodline are transparent, although colors may appear opaque due to the high pigment load. Bloodline dry to a matte finish and can appear glossy when top-coated with a clear.

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