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4969-50 Anodised Blood Red Set

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4969-50 (120ml x 3)   £62.99 (3 items available)
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4969-50 Anodised candy2o Set - Blood Red

Set Contents:

  • 4030-04 - Intercoat Clear
  • 4104-04 - Auto Air Colors Quicksilver Chrome
  • 4650-04 - candy2o Blood Red

To achieve the anodised effect:

  1. Over a flawless gloss black background spray approximately 4 very light coats of unreduced 4104 AA Quicksilver Chrome.
  2. Mix your choosen candy2o with 4030 Intercoat Clear -  50/50 (1:1 ratio)
  3. Apply this mix in 4 light coats

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