AutoBorne Sealers

AutoBorne™ is revolutionary in its application characteristics and designed for compatibility with any waterborne or solvent paint systems. Although Auto-borne is water based, the application resembles that of more traditional solvent coatings allowing painters to use their current painting techniques with minimal application adjustments. Always remember to use standard wax and grease remover before applying any paint over the sealer's. Reduce with Auto Air Colors High Performance reducer #4012 - 9:1 (10% per volume) 1.3mm to 1.4mm nozzle 22- 28psi inlet pressure 2 to 3 medium wet coats Allow coats to dry to matte finish before re-applying Flash time at 70° F < 65% humidity Approx. 60 min DRY SAND ONLY !!! Always remember before applying compatible waterborne or solvent paints on top of AutoBorne™ wipe with standard wax and grease remover.
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120ml AA Life Casting Starter Set

120ml AA Life Casting Starter Set

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AA Life Casting Set - 8 x 120mls
Castings Set